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I met Arielle and Eric (Yes! Just like the Little Mermaid!) through a contest win, and well, I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. I was especially looking forward to meeting these two because while in the midst of Arielle trying to win the engagement session with me, so many people came to her support to vote for them and to let me know what a good and deserving person she is, and they weren't wrong! It was my pleasure to capture these photos of this exciting time in their lives of this sweet and fun couple who were even willing to do a piggy back pose at my request!

To provide some backstory, they have some history together, as they dated for a summer as teenagers but reconnected in their 20's and never really looked back. They are now celebrating their engagement and their beautiful baby girl, Delilah.

When I asked Arielle when she knew Eric was "the One" she said, "from the moment we got back together in our 20's. In fact, I was so sure, one of the first things I said to his mother was, 'I'm going to marry your son.' When you know, you know." Scroll down to see more!



Arielle is a wonderful mother. Completely dedicated, selfless, patient, caring and loving. I could not ask for a better mother to my child. At this point in our lives, this is my favorite attribute of Arielle’s and the most important by far.
— Eric

Eric is by far the most loyal man i have ever met. He is unbelievably selfless and puts me and his daughter’s needs before his own constantly. He has always been my rock, and I don’t know where I’d be without him. He taught me how to love again and to trust someone whole heartedly. I fell in love with him because he’s not like other men. He has always treated me with the utmost respect and still holds the car door open for me. I don’t know how it’s possible to love someone more and more every day.
— Arielle

Thank you for sharing your story with me.

Daria x

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